Founder’s Log — Series A

December 16, 2019

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Reporting from NeuroFlow — I believe the smoke has cleared. Months long; only a few casualties (mostly weekends and sleep); and although the fighting was at times arduous, we maintained forward progress on the battlefield. The overall team and allies remain intact. The battle is far from over, but we have successfully received reinforcements and for the time being we can sigh in relief in the wake of the small victory. We have closed our Series A investment round (press release here).

Builders VC, from the western front, based in San Francisco, are leading the reinforcement efforts along with existing allies, Red & Blue Ventures, DreamIt Ventures, AWT Private Investments and Spring Point Partners providing us with $7.5M in ammunition. Strategic reserves and experts now at the ready; we can accelerate the use of technology and AI to drive collaborative, measurement-based care in all care settings to support the 1 in 4 individuals living with a behavioral health issue such as anxiety and depression.

This crisis takes a toll on tens of millions of people in the United States every year. They statistically struggle with more chronic illnesses, spend more nights in hospitals, more hours in the emergency room , and overall live shorter lives. And still, despite decades of well-researched and evidence-based protocols, it remains too difficult for providers and patients alike to engage in these treatment models.

The gravity of the mission is not lost on us. What started as a personal mission has grown into an award winning platform enabling hundreds of health systems and physicians, poised to support 350,000 individuals in the first half of 2020 with exciting partnerships to be announced.

Jefferson Health, a friendly ally, reported that:

“The NeuroFlow platform allows a provider to have insights into their patient’s behavioral health outside of the office visit. We’ve seen that 79 percent of patients using NeuroFlow have seen an improvement in depression scores.”

Additional reports from Capital Blue Cross include:

“The NeuroFlow solution strengthens the connection between behavioral health physicians and their patients, helping them improve both patients’ experience and outcomes.”

This fight is far from over but I’m hopeful. Thanks to this resupply, the team has refueled and can head into the holidays with good news for friends and family. And just in time. From here on out, the battles get tougher and the stakes greater. We will continue to support the health systems and health plans around the country eager to bridge the gap between mental and physical health.

Alas, we cannot fight this battle with financial reinforcements alone. I have put in a request for personnel. While our mission and values remain steadfast, our team must grow and evolve to take on the exciting challenges that lay ahead. Join us in this mission. We are actively hiring for key positions across all units and welcome your support in our mission to help make the world be a healthier, happier place.

Yours truly,

Chris Molaro

Written by

Helping patients with anxiety and depression feel better faster with NeuroFlow. CEO at NeuroFlow. West Point grad. Wharton MBA grad. Former Army officer.

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