Mental Health Spotlight: Dr. Brian Daly

Mental Health providers may not be thanked often, portrayed in movies as superhuman or wear capes to work but make no mistake, they’re heroes.

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Brian Daly, PhD. (Photo Courtesy of Center City Psychological Services)

I also consider it my responsibility as a mental health practitioner to disseminate scientific and psychological knowledge through professional and public outlets. Our goal as mental health providers is to reduce the prevalence and burden of mental health problems, and for that reason I am a big proponent of sharing what we know about psychology with everyone.

Mental health problems cause significant morbidity, and even mortality, but as a society we don’t take them as seriously as we do physical health problems, and to me that is a woeful mistake.

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Helping patients with anxiety and depression feel better faster with NeuroFlow. CEO at NeuroFlow. West Point grad. Wharton MBA grad. Former Army officer.

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